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CD Model Collection for Winchester convention, autumn 2009


The Models

  • Simple
    • Napkin Ring by Nicolas Delgado
    • Pyramid by Ron Arruda
    • Jester's Hat by Lidia Coronado
    • Diagonal Slim Vase by Hans Dybkjr
    • Tulip Candle Container by Hans Dybkjr
    • Santa is in the chimney! by Yannick Gardin
    • Tato Flower by Loes Schakel
    • Tato Rose by Loes Schakel
    • Tato Knot by Loes Schakel
    • Ray Cube by Meenakshi Mukerji
    • Thatch Cube by Meenakshi Mukerji
    • Whirl Cube by Meenakshi Mukerji
    • Cube Variations by Meenakshi Mukerji
    • Ashtray by Swapnil Shinde
  • Intermediate
    • Box / Cube by Francis Ow
    • Triangle Gift Box by John Andrisan
    • Andean Woman by Ada Urrutia
    • Llama by Ada Urrutia
    • Ba by Anita Barbour
    • Jewelry Case by Max Hulme
    • Polygon Construction by Andrew Hudson
    • Four Leafed Dish by Yew Meng Chan
    • Uniform Pentagonal Prism by John Montroll
    • Banded Angelfish by Robert Lang
    • Yacht by Andrew Hudson
    • Twist Bowl by Boaz Shuval
    • Anthurium by Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek
    • Swan by Ada Urrutia
    • Face Lift by Nick Robinson
    • Swan by Tom Defoirdt
    • Angel by Mike Bright
    • Canadian Mountie by Mike Bright
    • Curlew by Tom Defoirdt
    • Giant Moa by Tom Defoirdt
    • Australian Brush Turkey by John Morgan
    • Helicopter by Rafal Sabat
    • RhoDoDe by Heinz Strobl
    • Bear by Patricio Kunz
    • Chimaera by Marc Vigo
    • Big-mouthed Frog by Simon Anderson
    • Butterfly for Rosalind Koh by Ronald Koh
    • Tumasek Butterfly by Ronald Koh
    • Singapura Swallowtail Butterfly by Ronald Koh
    • One-Piece Floral Container by Nikhil Chitloor
    • Phoenix by Blythe Creamer
  • Complex
    • Rat by Victoria Serova
    • Tiger by Cheng Chit Leong
    • Tyranosaurus Rex by Fernando Gilgado
  • Special Guests
    • Envelope for St. Valentine's Day by Sumiko Momotani
    • Boot of Santa Claus by Yoshide Momotani
    • Hibiscus: Rose Mallow and Leaf by Yoshide Momotani
    • Chrysanthemum with Leaves by Yoshide Momotani
    • Double Cherryblossom and Iris by Yoshide Momotani
    • DNA by Yoshide Momotani
    • UFO by Yoshide Momotani
    • Blue-striped Swallowtail by Yoshide Momotani
    • Shoes by Yoshide Momotani
    • Biplane by Yoshide Momotani

  • Product Code: CDBO09AU
  • Manufactured by: British Origami Society