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CD Model Collection for Manchester convention, spring 2004


Abstract Mark Leonard
Action Dumbo Sy Chen
Bactrian Camel Fumiaki Kawahata
Boater Juan Gimeno
Canoeist Max Hulme
Cat Box Gay Merrill Gross
Caterpillar Darren Scott
Christmas Angel Charles Staller
Christmas Tree Fairy Dave Brill
Cupid Quentin Trollip

Román Diaz


Victor Lashchenko

Flower Box Susumu Nakajima
Four Candles David Petty
Fox Mask Eileen Tan
Garden Coaster Variation Loes Schakel
Knotology Heinz Strobl
Long-Tailed Mouse Tony O’Hare
Monkey Christophe Boudias
Pajarita Mother and Baby Sy Chen
Penguin Jim Adams
Photo Album “Harmonica” Paula Versnick
Puffy Ten-pointed Star Tung Ken Lam
Racing Car Dave Brill
Red Cardinal Michael G LaFosse
Red Sails at Sunset Rob Foord
Road to Nowhere Quentin Trollip

José Tomas Buitrago

Sheep Tony O’Hare
Ship in a Bottle Marc Kirschenbaum
Six Intersecting Stars Leong Cheng Chit
Sliding Telescope Maarten van Gelder
Snail with Coloured Shell Nicolas Terry
The Real Thing Gilad Aharoni
Time to Fold Quentin Trollip
Zaida Juan Gimeno

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  • Product Code: CDBO04SP
  • Manufactured by: British Origami Society