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Origami for Christmas (e-book and print-on-demand)


A plethora of festive models for the season.

  • 11 fold X-mas Scenery By Paula Versnick
  • 12 fold X-mas Scenery By Paula Versnick
  • Xmas Tree place marker By Richard Kennedy
  • Kieler Stars By Paula Versnick
  • Snowman By David Tittle
  • Seven RAT Santa By Rikki Donachie
  • Shield Box By Dennis Walker
  • Christmas Elf By Paul Hanson
  • Nativity Stable By Gerardo Gacharná
  • Madonna and Child By Eric Kenneway
  • Snowflake By Dennis Walker
  • Standing Christmas tree By Dennis Walker
  • Star Corona Grande By Maria Sinayskaya
  • Chrismukkah Tree By Gilad Aharoni
  • Santa By Nick Robinson
  • Crumple Christmas tree By Paul Hanson
  • Angelina By Paul Hanson
  • Present Envelope By Olga Soukharevsky
  • Santa's Christmas Box By Robert Harbin
  • Blntz Icosidodecahedron Decoration by Tung Ken Lam
  • Puffy Ten-pointed Star Decoration by Tung Ken Lam
  • Water wheel Decoration by Tung Ken Lam
  • Skeletal Cuboctahedron (Vector Equilibrium) Decoration by Tung Ken Lam
  • Windowed Icosahedron and Snub Series Decoration by Tung Ken Lam

This book is also available as a print-on-demand physical book, courtesy of Createspace. Price $11.00 (Approx. £6.85 based on exchange rate at time of indexing) Click here to go to Createspace (link opens in a new window as Createspace is separate from BOS Supplies)

  • Product Code: BOS080
  • Manufactured by: British Origami Society

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