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Spring 2002 (Bristol)


Owl and Pussycat Hulme, Max
Envelope Schakel, Loes
Book Wrapping Chen, Sy
Crown Caboblanco, Francisco Javier
Modular Caboblanco, Francisco Javier
Mandala Wielinga, Janneke
Muisca Crown Buitrago, Jose Tomas
Sailboat and Sailor Stoker, Andrew
Fancy Crown Kricscovics, Susanna
Bunny with Pocket Kricscovics, Susanna
Crown with Pets Kricscovics, Susanna
Secretkeeper Pockets Kricscovics, Susanna
Dragon Bolitho, Mark
Love Letter Chen, Sy
Pop-up Cube Corrie, Edwin
Bird Modular Meeusen, Jose
Mask Vaquero, Valentin
Rose Box with petals Neal, Jason
Horsehead Bookmark Ennen, Klaus Dieter
Star Table Candlestick Ennen, Klaus Dieter
Stoneage Venus Barbour, Anita
Fancy Underclothes Palffy, Julia
Origami Stabile Base Gross, Gay Merrill
Vega Budai, Peter
Lett Heart Grand, Michel
Green Cross Petty, David
Golden Beetle Momotani, Yoshihide
Seven-Lobed Flower Momotani, Yoshihide
WTC Koppel, Joshua
Dodecahedron Walker, Dennis
Hippo Barbour, Anita
Space Shuttle Momotani, Yoshihide
Hexa-Star Ow, Francis
8-piece expandable Pinwheel Ow, Francis
8-piece expandable Pinwheel 2 Ow, Francis
Magic Rings Yenn, Thoki
Inside Out Box Yenn, Thoki
Triangular Box Yenn, Thoki
Trishaw Chen, Sy
Ankh Kirschenbaum, Marc
Pop-up Horse Card Chen, Sy
Koi Carp Kinoshita, Go
K2 Lang, Robert

  • Product Code: MC02SP
  • Manufactured by: British Origami Society