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BOS Model Collection Spring 2013 (Birmingham)


Duo Star - Stephen Hill

Picture Frame - Larry Hart

Sylter Stern (star) - Doris Lauinger

Hexenv - Michel Grand

Hermit Crab - Nick Robinson

Cotton Bowl - David Wires

Jet Fighter - Mark Bolitho

Cat Page-marker - Cristophe Boudias c - o Liceo Frances

Swan - Kiyoumars Sharif Moghaddam

Cock - Nguyen Tu Tuan

Electric Ray - Nguyen Ngoc Vu

Baby Dragon - No Thien

Elephant - Dennis Walker

Echo Dish - Michael Weinstein

Bird - Edwin Corrie

Spinning Top - Anna Kastlunger

GP Envelope - Dennis Walker

Cow - Yannick Gardin

Mad Dog - Nick Robinson

Rabbit - Andrew Hudson

Gmail - Gilad Aharoni

Heligob - Michel Grand

Credit Card Holder - Larry Hart

Cat - Edwin Corrie

See-through Heart Photo Frame - Francis Ow

22.5 degree Unit - David Petty

Magic Wallet - Robert Orndorff

Give It A Spin - Mick Guy

Patchwork Rabbit - Zusuzanna Kricskovics

Pingu - Evi Binzinger

Seahorse - Mindaugas Cesnavicius

Simple Dishes - Ian Harrison

Masque Du Chat - Chrstophe Boudias

Owl - Wayne Brown

Sparrow - Antonio Chavez Armas

Cube - Shuzo Fujimoto

  • Product Code: MC13SP
  • Manufactured by: British Origami Society