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BOS Model Collection Spring 2012 (Birmingham)


Snake Charmer - Fred Rohm

Piano - Pat Crawford

Panda Head - Ted Megrath

Panda - Robert Harbin

Snap Hexahedron - Larry Hart

Box - Eric Kenneway

Dole Queue - Eric Kenneway

Cat and Mouse - Fred Rohm

Chameleon - Sidney French

Happy Santa - John Smith

Dippy Dog - John Smith

Flag - Jessie Seto

Sports Car - Iris Walker

Robin - Joan Homewood

Bag Purse Bowl - Traditional

Decoration - Dave Venables

Ring Box - Wayne Brown

Valentine's Ring - Wayne Brown

Matchbox - Max Hulme

Horse and Rider - Paul Jackson

Money Box - Dave Brill

Seated Dog - Dave Brill

Pot - Toshie Takahama

Cigarette Lighter - Nick Robinson

Flexagon - Iris Walker

Cannon - Iris Walker

Hand with Olympic Torch - Martin Wall

Owl - John Richardson

Fire Engine - David Petty

Seed Packet - John Cunliffe

Scoop Envelope - John Cunliffe

Flag - Robert Foord

La Biche (the deer) - Cristophe Boudias

Calendar - Paul Jackson / Iris Walker

Calendar Stand - Mick Guy

Wreath C - Loes Schakel-Sandifort

Jack O Lantern - Joseph Wu

Trapezoid Envelope - Gay Merrill Gross

Connecting Twist Rose - Emiko Suzuki

Twist Rose - Emiko Suzuki

Invisible Man - Gilad Aharoni

Campanile - Francesco Mancini

Prawn from a Crane - Nigel Elworthy

Neko Bookmark - Jo Nakashima

Coaster - Edwin Corrie

Penguin - Mark Bolitho

History of the BOS - David Lister

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  • Manufactured by: British Origami Society