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BOS Model Booklets

Unique collections of models by creators both famous and unknown. A perfect chance to fold something you haven't seen before

Product Code+ Product Image Item Name Price
BOLCRL Bolitho - Crease Lightning

Bolitho - Crease Lightning

Mark Bolitho Published 2000, Revised 2004, 64 pages A5 format A collection of 20 original projects with varying levels of complexity developed around...

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BOS012 Wall - Early Works (reprint)

Wall - Early Works (reprint)

Boat / Moroccan Purse / Notebook / Pyramid / Greetings Card / Devil Bust / Crocodile / Rabbit / Walrus / Chest of Drawers (action model) /...

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BOS014 Smith - Pureland Origami 1

Smith - Pureland Origami 1

46 pages 16 models simple/intermediate Pureland is a concept created by John, where a model only uses valley and mountain folds. This leads quite...

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BOS016 Jackson - 18 of my Paper Folds

Jackson - 18 of my Paper Folds

32 pages 18 models simple/intermediate Ain't no trout about it!Paul Jackson is a trained artist who has always followed his own clear vision of what...

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BOS018 Shen - Selected Works (Jackson) (reprint)

Shen - Selected Works (Jackson) (reprint)

38 pages 15 models intermediate/complex pentagonal flowerBefore this booklet was released, the work of Philip Shen was virtually unknown and...

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BOS019 OHare - Selected Works (reprint)

OHare - Selected Works (reprint)

46 pages 20 models intermediate/complex This is a reprint of the original booklet, which rapidly sold out! Tony's designs are noted both for their...

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BOS027 Beynon Origami (reprint)

Beynon Origami (reprint)

22 pages 20 models intermediate One of the most prolific creators in the BOS, this early collection of Jeff's work sets the pattern we have come to...

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BOS029 Smith - Pureland Origami 2

Smith - Pureland Origami 2

72 pages 35 models simple/intermediate More designs in the pureland vein, developing and exploring the work of his earlier booklet (BO14). Designs...

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BOS030 Petty - Paper, People and Pointers

Petty - Paper, People and Pointers

52 pages 45 models intermediate These designs are intended to be used as page markers or decorations for birthday cards. They represent a huge...

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BOS033 Corrie - Animal Origami 2 (reprint)

Corrie - Animal Origami 2 (reprint)


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