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Featured Products - Books

Beynon - Fourigami
64 pages 48 models simple/intermediate The models in this booklet are divided into seven subsections: decorative models (3); 2 and 3-dimensional modulars (7); puzzle purses (5); pots and bowls (6);...
Towning Constructed
68 pages. Contents: Buccaneer's Hat Origami Plastic Wallet Foil Crisp Packet "Super Hero Pants" Finding a hexagon from a...
Denver Lawson's Unusual Modulars (edited by Paula Versnick)
Anyone who loves modular works cannot help saying ‘Wow!” when they see Denver’s creations. Many of them remind me of the beautiful shapes that you see in electron micrograph pictures of pollen...

Casey - The Echidna
A booklet containing diagrams for one model - Steven Casey's Echidna. A very complex but stunning model, diagrammed over 25 pages The booklet also contains an introduction in which...

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