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BOS Model Collections

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
MC04AU Autumn 2004 (Bristol)

Autumn 2004 (Bristol)

Mr Muppet Gilad Aharoni 16 point Candleholder Loes Schakel Alice in Wonderland Anita Barbour Alpha Centauri Peter Budai Belt Cube ...

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MC03AU Autumn 2003 (York)

Autumn 2003 (York)

160 pp Simple to complex models including Cartoon characters by Halle and one of Ronald Koh's Goldfish and Gilad Aharoni's Singing Fish! Cube In-Out...

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MC02SP Spring 2002 (Bristol)

Spring 2002 (Bristol)

Owl and Pussycat Hulme, Max Envelope Schakel, Loes Book Wrapping Chen, Sy Crown Caboblanco, Francisco Javier Modular Caboblanco, Francisco...

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MC97SP Spring 1997 (Bristol)

Spring 1997 (Bristol)

Catamaran Van Gelder M Man In Sailing Boat Momotani Y Sperm Whale Montroll J Heart/Bowtie Ow F Mermaid Mason S Septagonal Ring Pederson M ...

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MC93AU Autumn 1993 (Nottingham)

Autumn 1993 (Nottingham)

Modular skew pyramid Caboblanco F Modular cube Caboblanco F Kangaroo bird Beynon J Fox O'hare A Dragon Palmer S Gift box 3 Shepherd P ...

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MC93SP Spring 1993 (Birmingham)

Spring 1993 (Birmingham)

Catapult Pomaron C Hexagon module Ow F Flower card Brown W Flower & stem Robinson N Fish Jackson P Egg-holder chick Kricskovics S ...

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